Space...the final frontier....these are the archives of "The Show" with Dennis White, Clay Potts, and Mike Kemp.

The show began in 2006 on a whim of Clay Potts. We started it with very little equipment, (ala Radio Shack stuff), and it grew to a professional production with thousands invested in equipment.

Mike Kemp joined us June 11th, 2007 and it never was the same. Mike added a flair we hadn't anticipated, even for so called 'radicals' like us. The play between Dennis, Clay, and Mike was exceptional. It just 'clicked', sort of like Lennon/McCartney or Lewis/Martin.  It just clicked.

The show ended the last week in September 2008.  It became too expensive to continue without sponsors, or on a personal level.  Enjoy the archives.

I will say this: To paraphrase Arnold Schwarzenegger: